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About MM Web Viewer

This app is designed to give users of Mediamixer the opportunity to view their projects on an iPad.
But it can also show web presentations made with Fokusky, Lightroom, HelpNDoc and many other applications.
It can also be Html-converted PowerPoints.
The html presentations must be able to run locally.

Open a presentation

Select a project from the menu.
The presentations are displayed to fill the entire screen without any buttons or toolbars.

Back to the menu

A toolbar is displayed by touch with 2 fingers (not too close!) on the screen.
Thumb and index fingers works well!

Then select the menu icon:

With Mediamixer you can return to the menu within the project, if you program a stop button.
In other web presentations, you can close the project by creating and linking to a page called mmwebviewerexit.htm.

Transfer presentations to iPad

The projects can be transferred with a Dropbox or with a direct cable connection and iTunes on a PC or Finder on a Mac.

Read about iPad transfer

Toolbar Icons

Return to last opened presentation

Update the menu so that new transfered presentations appear.

This guide.